Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Parade kit

I can't believe that it's nearly April and that Easter is almost upon us.
Last weekend saw the start of British Summer Time, so reluctantly the clocks went forward an hour. But waking up to snow this morning is not what I thought summertime meant! Someone somewhere turn off the darn snow machine, I want nice spring weather in preparation for the long hot summer I'm dreaming of. OK living in Scotland I can't see a long hot summer happening, more like two warm weeks in June and that's it! But we shall wait and see, a BBQ summer is predicted, but then that was predicted last year and any Brits out there will know that didn't quite happen!
Oh well, maybe April will bring sunshine instead of showers! (I can dream can't I?!)
Time for another tagger sized freebie for you all to enjoy.
Happy Easter everyone and don't eat too much chocolate!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

I can't believe that March is upon us already! Spring time at last! Well if someone could tell the Big Man upstairs that Spring is here and could He quit with the snow I'd be eternally grateful. Not only does March mark the supposed arrival of Spring, it's also the month when everyone finds that little bit of Irish in themselves to celebrate St Patrick's Day. I really feel sorry for those around the world who can't celebrate the day with a gool old pint of the black stuff, there is nothing like a pint of Guiness to help that little piece of Irish shine through.
So in honor of St Patrick (who also happens to be my Parish Saint) I have a tagger sized freebie for you all. Enjoy xxx